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Personal Training Services
Strength & Toning
In a semi-private and highly professional setting we provide one-on-one training sessions which emphasize total muscular development while promoting proper weight management. All of our trainers are mature, professional, and eager to take you to new heights in fitness. You will never receive the same session twice. We are committed to ensuring that neither you nor your muscles get bored as coach you through each training session.

A comprehensive evaluation is offered to every client so that we can fully explore each individual’s fitness goals. Once goals are established and base-line parameters are determined we begin a progressive yet extremely safe regime to meet and exceed those goals.

Speed & Agility
This program incorporates polymeric training with high intensity foot drills to improve speed, agility, quickness, and vertical leap. Ideal training for athletes desiring to meet or surpass personal athletic performance goals.

We are proud to have two accomplished football players on staff to lead our sports performance training:

Marlon Moye-Moore has played several years as a linebacker and fullback for the Arena League’s Orlando Predators. Prior to his professional career he was a standout linebacker at the University of Maryland. In addition to making young athletes stronger, quicker, and more agile, Marlon coaches linebacker and running back specific skills to give players a decisive competitive edge.

Kevin Laczko not only serves as our Fitness Director, but is our expert sports performance coach. Kevin was a 4-year walk-on wide receiver at the University of Florida and has many years of experience making athletes of all sports faster and supremely conditioned. He especially enjoys working with young receivers, teaching them the finer points of route running and catching the football to make them virtually unstoppable on the field.

Adventure Fitness Training
Group military style training that puts personal abilities to the test. Energetic and exhilarating! Call for details.

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